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Web development

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Websites are the digital version of your business. UWP Digital creates and optimizes websites, develops a unique design, and sets up services to maintain the website. We help to make your own website as a stable platform for high sales.

We offer complete project management or assistance to the team on the client side.

Advantages of a website development

3 times

get traffic faster

by 50%

we save the budget for web development

  • Effectively cover targeted search demand in the subject

  • Our project does not contain technical errors that affect the assessment of the quality of the site

  • Reduces post-release rework

Web development from UWP Digital

There is no second chance to make a good impression on the user in the digital world. Therefore, the quality of the site directly affects sales. We will develop an attractive design, write a selling text and think over the structure so you will be remembered.

You will receive a working tool that can attract and increase the flow of customers.

Why you can trust us


years experience in web development


employees in the company


specialists in the project team for each site


developed sites


landing pages created


satisfied customers

Stages of developing a website on a turnkey

Analysis and strategy


Analysis and strategy

We start each project with a deep analysis of the market, niche, competitors, and the target audience’s needs. We develop a strategy for the website and create several solutions based on the data received. Depending on the project’s goals, we create a website business from scratch, build a website on WordPress or other constructors, improve the site adaptability, and also make a website modernization.

Design creation


Design creation

Design website is more than just a pretty illustration. It’s also about functionality and ease of use for customers. We take into account the user experience, the wishes of the customer, the specifics of the market, and the needs of the audience. Our team includes a web designer, a web programmer, and a UX designer. UWP Digital offers the creation of a unique design for landings and multi-page sites, as well as the redesign of an existing one. We create high-quality UI UX designs for your website.




Before starting to create a prototype, we approve the layouts and functionality of the future site with the client. We offer you web development with HTML and CSS, web development with PHP and MySQL, web development bth, web development cms. A whole team of web developers and programmers is working on your best result.

Connecting services


Connecting services

We recommend you connect a payment system if you sell goods or services through the site. Customers will be able to pay for goods or services directly on your site. You do not need to send payment data personally every time. The system will do everything for you. We also connect additional services to optimize the data collection on customers that come from the registration form on the site.




There is always a risk of bugs or malfunction of any tool in the process of web development and programming. UWP Digital carefully monitors all possible errors and fixes them. We are responsible for the safety, reliability, and proper operation of the product we develop.

Site release and support


Site release and support

In the final stage, we launch, test, and bring the website to the final result. As a result, you get a finished product with well-established functionality. Advanced web development includes the creation of a site and the subsequent support and maintenance of all its systems.

Let’s discuss the project

Picture Serhii Founder


CEO & Founder

Successful financier in the marketing world. UWP Digital is a special project for me. I wanted to assemble a team of top Ukrainian talent and take marketing to the next level. When we talk about the Ukrainian team, we first talk about courage, experience, creativity, and incredibly hard work. All this formed the basis for the UWP Digital creation.

founded companies
years in marketing
Picture Daniella Project manager


Project manager

Words are my superpower. Made my way up from copywriter to project manager. I believe that marketing is much more than an attractive picture. It is an opportunity to convey values to people also through words.

years in marketing
successful projects
Picture Serhii SEO specialist


SEO specialist

The real and digital worlds have come into contact. Now you can order food, furnish your home, and earn your Harvard degree from the comfort of your own home. That’s what websites and mobile apps are for. I know how to increase traffic, and increase your ranking in Google and I can offer it to you.

years experience in SEO optimization
successful projects
Picture Oleksandr Motion designer


Motion designer

Video tells us the story through pictures. You don’t need to turn on the fantasy, as it happens with the text. I will show you the final result in a ready-made format. What can video advertising do for business? Attract attention with the help of a plot, evoke emotions and connect with the audience. And we do all of it at UWP Digital.

years experience
created commercials

From 3 to 5 specialists work on the project. Every project team includes a personal web designer UI UX for the best result.

Experience of employees of the web development department — 4+ years.

Let’s open new opportunities for your business in digital.

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We answer the most common questions


What is web development?

Web development is the process of creating a website from idea to implementation. This process includes the creation of web design, layout, programming, configuration, and connection of additional services.

Will you maintain my site for me?

After the transfer of the finished project to the client, we provide technical recommendations for the maintenance and development of the company. We also provide full management, maintenance, and security services for your website.

Will my website be optimized for mobile devices?

We develop both desktop and mobile versions of your website. We take into account the wishes and convenience of your customers and yourself when working with the website, so we set up the functionality in the most comfortable way for all parties.

How long does it take to develop a website?

Depending on your goals, website type, and functionality. Also, when calculating the timing of work, we take into account whether this website will be created using constructors or from scratch. For each project, we calculate the terms individually.

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