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E-commerce: Digital promotion of an online furniture store

How we increased the profitability of the business 2 times with digital promotion.

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The goal:

Increase the company’s share of the Ukraine e-commerce market.


  • 1.

    Google Ads

  • 2.


  • 3.



  • 1.

    Increase sales

  • 2.

    Increase the volume of the audience




audience volume

Developed a strategic mix of SMM tools. Currently, 5 major social networks were involved.



We optimize advertising campaigns based on sales funnel data with the accuracy of income from each ticket sold. We control the return on advertising and increase the profitability of the client’s business.

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How we did it

Formation of the project team

A project team of 4 people has formed under the client: a performance manager, a product manager, and two web analysts.

Development of the performance strategy

We have devised a performance strategy for the development of the company. It is the use of multiple advertising channels according to a strict media plan and a guarantee of the result.

Picture e-commerce online furniture store

Contextual advertising

At the initial stage, we have connected contextual advertising campaigns. We worked out the semantic core, selected minus words, and placed relevant ads. Because the list of events is extensive, we had to start all the campaigns manually: the feed was made in Germany and did not fit the technical requirements of any of the sites we used. The more advertising campaigns we ran, the more sales we had. In this regard, the product manager of the project launched new ad campaigns every day — about 20-30 new campaigns a week. In a year of work, we had grown the share of contextual advertising in total sales from 12% to 18%.

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Connecting remarketing on social networks

We connected remarketing on social networks: Facebook, and Instagram. As an alternative to pixel remarketing, we used email remarketing for a long time. The client provided us with addresses from his contact database, which allowed us to compensate for the lack of technical ability to optimize the site.

Promotion of events

To promote one-time major events we used an integrated approach:

  • 1.

    Connected the media advertising

  • 2.

    Created a separate landing page for the event

  • 3.

    Strengthened SMM

  • 4.

    Expanded the geo-targeting, and semantics


We developed content for filling communities and individual visuals. We also conducted contests and work with participants comments and feedback.

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