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Marketing merchandise with the State company logo in black, red, and white variations

We create new brands: from strategy to communication

A brand gives a product or service an exceptional value for which the customer is willing to pay more. In the world of watches, you choose Rolex or Philippe Patek. The functionality is the same — any of it shows the time. But you are buying value and exclusivity.

UWP Digital helps build a powerful brand with a strong reputation. Branding services include brand book creation, graphic design logo, unique brand name creation, digital graphic design of social networks, web design, tone of voice development, company image, and communication strategy development. We work on projects as a graphic design consultant and full-fledged design agency.

Stages of work


Analysis and strategy

Firstly, we study the product itself, the market, the niche, and the competitors. We define the target audience, segment it, and determine the social platforms where we will interact with it. We define positioning, USP, highlight the mission and philosophy of the brand. We develop the brand concept, slogan, and unique name.


Graphic design

We develop a corporate style concept: corporate colors, a brand book, select a font and help to make your own logo. We package your brand with graphic design and illustration.


Communication strategy

We create the tone of voice of the brand, develop the Big Idea, reveal the brand story, and work out the key messages and channels for its transmission. We develop slogans and offers for advertising creatives.


Web design

We develop design and content for landing pages or websites. We use corporate colors and a single corporate identity.

Branding is an investment in the future of your business

The process of branding is preparatory work and testing hypotheses. As a result of all the stages passed, you get the image that will ultimately connect your company and the customer.

If you are looking for a graphic designer or graphic design agency that can create a company logo for you, welcome to UWP Digital. We offer a full range of branding services to enhance your business and stand out from the competitors. Quality branding gives you an advantage in the market.

What problems can we solve?


Branding, and naming turnkey


We help to adapt foreign brands to the Swedish market


We strengthen the product, and bring new services to the market


We create a unified style of the company, and develop the philosophy and brand story


We build a system for working with the audience, develop a communication strategy


We provide guidance and recommendations for brand development

Our advantages in numbers


years of experience in department staff

written stories for brands
developed brand books

We answer the most common questions


What is UX Design?

UX Design (User Experience Design) is the process that studies and defines what kind of experience a user will have when using your product. It is best to demonstrate on the website. These are functionality, convenience, ease of use, an intuitive understanding of website services, and user interaction with your site.

What is graphic design?

It is a way of expressing ideas, concepts, and values through the visual component: images, fonts, videos, and pictures. Graphic design is used in branding when creating logos, brand books, and advertising creatives.

What does a graphic designer do?

Develops designs for advertising creatives, selects fonts, creates brand books, draws up brand information products, develops corporate style, sets colors, creates packaging designs, and other marketing products. All designers in our team have graphic design qualifications.

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