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PPC advertising

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Contextual advertising helps you to become a leader

PPC marketing (banner advertising) is a form of advertising in which you pay not for the number of views, but for each click on an ad. Google Ads is a tool to drive quality traffic to your website. The effectiveness of the banner ad is that every client who interacts with creatives is already a potential customer.

UWP Digital offers you the creation and setup of AdWords advertising for every type of business, selecting keywords for ads SEO, and creating an ad that the client wants to interact with. We know how to set up google ads on a website or in a search, connect analytics AdSense, optimize conversion and thereby reduce Google ads price.


years experience of our marketers


valid direct contracts with media platforms


successful projects

Stages of work



We analyze the market, competitors, target audience, and previous advertising campaigns. We compose the semantic core and select the most relevant key queries. We develop the concept, and advertising offers and combine it into a comprehensive PPC strategy.


Launch of an advertising campaign

We develop advertising creatives and offers for clients based on the marketing strategy. We draw up a budget and prepare several options for testing. We create and configure advertising cabinets. After careful preparation, we launch an advertising campaign for a specific target audience.


Advertising campaign optimization

After the launch, we analyze the statistics, determine which creatives worked better, improve the conversion and strengthen the offer. We correct negative keywords, keywords, optimize bids, and budget.


Reporting and campaign management

We provide a monthly report on the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. We develop a plan and recommendations for the next month. We work out a strategy and paint each next stage.

PPC marketing services from UWP Digital:

  • 01.

    Individual PPC strategy development

  • 02.

    Selection of keywords

  • 03.

    Advertise with Google Ads

  • 04.

    Advanced Analytics Google Ads

  • 05.

    Optimizing Google advertising campaigns and increasing conversions

Let’s discuss the project

Picture Serhii Founder


CEO & Founder

Successful financier in the marketing world. UWP Digital is a special project for me. I wanted to assemble a team of top Ukrainian talent and take marketing to the next level. When we talk about the Ukrainian team, we first talk about courage, experience, creativity, and incredibly hard work. All this formed the basis for the UWP Digital creation.

founded companies
years in marketing
Picture Daniella Project manager


Project manager

Words are my superpower. Made my way up from copywriter to project manager. I believe that marketing is much more than an attractive picture. It is an opportunity to convey values to people also through words.

years in marketing
successful projects
Picture Serhii SEO specialist


SEO specialist

The real and digital worlds have come into contact. Now you can order food, furnish your home, and earn your Harvard degree from the comfort of your own home. That’s what websites and mobile apps are for. I know how to increase traffic, and increase your ranking in Google and I can offer it to you.

years experience in SEO optimization
successful projects
Picture Oleksandr Motion designer


Motion designer

Video tells us the story through pictures. You don’t need to turn on the fantasy, as it happens with the text. I will show you the final result in a ready-made format. What can video advertising do for business? Attract attention with the help of a plot, evoke emotions and connect with the audience. And we do all of it at UWP Digital.

years experience
created commercials

From 3 to 5 specialists work on the project.

Experience of employees of advertising department in social media — from 4 years.

UWP Digital is your personal specialist in the Google advertise area. It’s time to boost your company with PPC marketing!

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We answer the most common questions


How long does it take to launch a PPC advertising campaign?

The effectiveness of PPC marketing depends on your business goals and related marketing tools. On average, the result can be seen within 2-3 months.

What are the benefits of PPC advertising?

The right strategy and advertising setup allow you to increase traffic to your site and attract quality leads. A person interacts with an advertisement at the request stage, which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

What should be considered for launching a PPC campaign?

For a successful advertising campaign, it is essential to analyze the niche, and competitors, create a quality ad, and prepare your website as the primary platform for traffic. Each of these stages affects the success of the PPC campaign.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

The budget of an advertising campaign depends on the goals and scope of work. We calculate the cost of an advertising campaign individually for each client and provide data openly.

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