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Mobile Promotion

Mobile applications on the App Store and Google Play with ratings for the promoted app

Mobile applications make our lives easier and faster. UWP Digital, in turn, accelerates its promotion, helps to attract targeted users and turns them into regular customers through mobile marketing. We increase conversion, develop mobile app advertising, launch a google play campaign, increase the number of downloads and increase the rating through advertising and reviews.

What are we doing?


We attract an audience

Integrated marketing of mobile applications includes targeted advertising, contextual advertising, work with reviews, and promotion on the site in the App Store Google Play to attract new users. We use both organic and paid tools for in-app downloads and registrations.


We work with the audience

We create engaging advertising creatives, and commercials, and develop a strategy for promoting advertising applications and games. We analyze the target audience and choose the most effective format of interaction. We bring users to register and use the application.


Increasing conversion

Set up ads and push notifications. We analyze user activity and develop recommendations for increasing conversion.

Mobile promotion tools


ASO (App Store Optimization)

ASO optimization is one of the mobile promotion tools for organic traffic and installs. We make your application visible to users, and promote the application for relevant queries on the Google Play and App Store platforms. The UWP Digital team has an ASO specialist who will develop a promotion strategy individually for your request.


Advertising applications in Google Play and Google Ads

We launch advertising campaigns in Google Play. If your application is customized or optimized for Android, we will help you attract the target audience, and increase the number of downloads and the app’s rating on the Google Play platform.


Targeted ads for mobile apps

We develop ads for phone games and applications. We design creatives, commercials, and 3D videos for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We test different formats for mobile devices to reach the audience as much as possible and attract attention and interest. We carefully select the audience depending on the product, from company managers to hardcore gamers.

Stages of mobile app promotion


Analysis and strategy development

Firstly, we conduct market research, competitors, and your target audience. We divide the target audience into segments, each of which we will interact with separately. We collect the semantic core and work on key queries. We develop a promotion strategy and set up analytics.


Development and launch of advertising campaigns

We develop advertising creatives, offers, and ways of interacting with the audience, and points of contact, process objections and build the client’s path from the moment of viewing ads to registering on the platform.


Result optimization

We analyze the results of the advertising campaign, track the most interaction, and improve performance based on the data received.

Why are we trusted?


years of work in the field of mobile promotion

successful marketing projects

up to

more users for the project

We answer the most common questions


Is it possible to use the same tools for promotion in the App Store and Google Play?

The mobile promotion strategy is different for different platforms. It depends on the ranking algorithms of Google Play and App Store. If your application is designed for iOS and Android, we will develop recommendations and build a promotion plan based on the specifics of each platform.

How can you evaluate the effectiveness of page design in the store?

The main metric for App Store is the conversion from app impression to installation. At the same time, any visual contact of the user with the application icon or page with a description is considered an impression. In Google Play, conversion is calculated as the ratio of installs to app page views.

What KPIs to use when evaluating ASO?

Install conversion, app visibility, app rating, number of reviews, and ratings from users.

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