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TikTok promotion

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Promote your business with TikTok

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps with 800 million active users in over 30 countries, including Sweden. It is a service for viewing and creating short videos, as well as interacting with the audience through live broadcasts and comments.

UWP Digital uses marketing TikTok tools to benefit your business. We develop TikTok strategies, audit competitors, create scripts and ready-made videos, launch ads on TikTok, and increase traffic to your website or social networks using a TikTok campaign.

Why consider TikTok for business?


Attracting a new audience

If your product is aimed at a young target audience, TikTok will help you find an approach to it. With the help of advertising on TikTok, you can quantitatively increase the reach, catch the attention of the target audience, and increase the conversion rate with the help of video creative. And UWP Digital will help you with this.


Organic promotion

Posts achieve high organic reach thanks to the recommendation feed. Video content on TikTok has a high chance of going viral and trending. And thanks to user activity and integration with other applications, TikTok will become just the starting point for distributing video over the network. As a result, the video can gain millions of views in a minimum amount of time.


New traffic channel

TikTok is a powerful channel to increase traffic to your website or social media. The number of active users in TikTok Sweden reaches several million. UWP Digital knows all the ins and outs and TikTok secrets of attracting the attention of users and turning them into customers for your business.

Stages of work



After filling out the brief, we analyze previous advertising campaigns and determine promotion tasks and advertising goals.


Tiktok analytics

We research the niche and possible competitors, define and segment the target audience, create offers for an advertising campaign, create a media plan and determine KPI.


Creatives creation

We prescribe video scripts, develop a content plan and provide ready-made video content for the platform.


Strategy implementation

We create an advertising account on TikTok, set up TikTok pixels and events, launch advertising campaigns, and analyze and optimize them. We test advertising creatives, work with targeting and retargeting and improve interaction with the audience.


Reporting and management

We generate a monthly report, determine the effectiveness of TikTok marketing, and draw up a work plan for the next month.

Marketing Tik Tok by UWP Digital

UWP Digital knows how to market TikTok fast, how to promote video on TikTok, and make users fall in love with your business through entertaining content. As a result of our cooperation, you get increased sales, loyalty, audience activity, brand awareness, and an additional sales channel. Target in TikTok is a unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently upgrade your business online.

We answer the most common questions


Why does a business need promotion on TikTok?

The main benefit of TikTok for businesses is its reach. TikTok is an alternative to display advertising: people see the brand not on ad banners, but in a live feed with a video. TikTok perfectly engages the audience. You can pump up your Instagram, or YouTube channel or drive traffic to the site almost for free.

What kind of business is TikTok promotion suitable for?

The B2C segment, E-commerce, any services, educational courses, and expert promotion.

What do you need to launch an advertising campaign on TikTok?

Adapt your resource for mobile devices, since only mobile traffic comes from TikTok. Optimize your website loading speed (if you bring users directly to your website). Set up web analytics to track user actions and interaction with ads on TikTok. It will help optimize the advertising campaign, reduce the budget and improve performance.

How much does a TikTok promotion cost?

It depends on the goals of the company and the advertising format. You can promote your business using video content, TikTok targeting, or collaboration with bloggers. We calculate the cost of an advertising campaign individually for each client and provide data openly. We offer the most effective advertising format based on the characteristics of your business.

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