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BEAUTYSTORY: easy sales with minimum effort

How we scaled digital advertising and increasing the number of orders by 5 times.

Picture beautystory banner 1

The goal:

Increase company profits monthly


  • 1.

    Contextual advertising

  • 2.

    Media advertising


  • 1.

    Conduct an audit of the current strategy

  • 2.

    Develop a plan to scale the strategy

  • 3.

    Strengthen contextual advertising

  • 4.

    Launch media advertising

Picture 1 beautystory banner 2 Picture 2 beautystory banner 2 Picture 3 beautystory banner 2

How we did it?

Developed a plan to scale the strategy

First of all, we decided to scale the advertising strategy and use other types of promotion:

  • 1.

    Strengthen contextual advertising

  • 2.

    Launch targeting advertising

  • 3.

    Launch media ads in Display&Video 360 Google

Media advertising launched

The first media advertisement was launched across Ukraine in June 2021 in the format of banners in Google ads.

With the help of media advertising, we increased brand awareness and brought conversion into orders. Totally from June to December 2021, the media advertising brought BeautyStory 8+ million clicks and 1026 orders.

Picture beautystory banner 3

Strengthened contextual advertising

To increase the number of orders, we decided:

Redistribute the budget from branded campaigns to non-branded campaigns

  • 1.

    Expand category campaigns.

  • 2.

    Redesign ads.

  • 3.

    Redesign banners.

  • 4.

    Expand semantics.

  • 5.

    Add general queries and product ads.

Increase the volume of campaigns in Ukraine

Step 1:

Redesigned the banners. Previously, the banner featured BeautyStory products and text. Designers rethought the visual presentation of the brand and suggested their solution. The banners became more colorful to attract more attention, and we added discount information to increase the conversion rate per click on the banner.

Step 2:

Introduced promotional banners. There had always been a 25% discount on the BeautyStory client site, but UWP digital started attracting a new audience that didn’t know about it. So for the new audience, we put it as a benefit on the banners.

Step 3:

We launched autotargeting. Over time, it became the second-highest number of leads after branded ad campaigns.

Step 4:

Increased the budget for ad campaigns. This enabled the launch of smart banners, retargeting, and a category campaign with a group of "facial care" ads.

Step 5:

Launched the Manicure/Pedicure and Body Care categories.

Step 6:

Launched the Campaign Wizard for high-frequency queries.

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