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Social media promotion

The visual feed of a construction company on Facebook and Instagram

SMM marketing

UWP Digital connects business and social media. Successful social media marketing opens social networks as another sales channel, high checks, and a tool for attracting and interacting with the audience. UWP Digital provides services as a personal social media consultant for your business. We develop SMM strategy, and social media design, launch advertisement on Facebook and Instagram and boost your reach and sales. We help to launch a business project from scratch with the use of social media.


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Social media as a marketing channel

Social media has long evolved from an ordinary photo feed into entire business projects. Even a small hobby can be turned into a profitable business. The main key is the right social media strategy.

SMM promotion from UWP Digital

UWP Digital proposes help with social media to create and boost your business ideas. Firstly, we audit the business, select marketing tools, develop a social media content strategy, and offer a ready-made social media action plan. We know how to turn an entertainment network into a b2b social media.

Services of marketing through social media


Monitoring social media

Additionally, we track mentions of a brand, organization, topic, or person in social networks. We analyze the market, data inspectorate social media, monitor activity, and analyze advertising on social media.


Analysis and Reporting

We work for the result, so we provide all the data on subscriptions, interaction with the audience, site traffic, etc. We prepare regular reports based on social media activities and statistics.


Creation of content social media

Content is the foundation of social media marketing. Therefore, we pay special attention to its creation and filling your accounts in accordance with the goals and mission of your company. We use content in different formats — graphic design, text for posts and stories, videos, and reels. We develop different content for each platform based on its specific. UWP Digital is an entire social media agency that knows how to tell the audience about your company’s values and make customers fall in love with your brand.


Development from scratch

Our team provides full maintenance of accounts on all social media platforms. From a memorable design to developing a USP and a sales funnel. You do not need to think over a publication plan and do routine work. Leave it to us.


Launching advertising campaigns

Don’t know how to market yourself on social media? UWP Digital will tell you the secrets of influencing the audience. How to sell without aggressive sales, evoke emotions from commercials and encourage people to buy from you. We effectively use tools of social media marketing such as Instagram marketing, and Facebook marketing, build a whole business on Instagram and connect Facebook and Instagram business. We do not advertise social media. We advertise your business.


New clients attraction

We select the content that initiates the user’s primary interest and converts it into an order. We know how to raise the number of followers organically and use paid tools like sponsored posts on Instagram or post an ad on Facebook. We help you to transform followers into customers.


Increasing the loyalty of current customers

We form the reputation of the brand as an industry expert, ready to develop and share practical information. We create a strong emotional connection between the client and the company for a long-term relationship.



We create all the conditions for high-quality online customer support: our moderators and group administrators always answer questions in a timely manner and work with negativity. We set up automatic replies so that no request remains unprocessed.

Stages of work


Flexible approach

We have developed several comprehensive packages of SMM promotion services. They include a basic set of works for companies of different sizes and specifics. To choose the right advertising format, develop an effective social media strategy, and segment the audience, we take into account the specifics of your business.


Detailed brief

For complete possession of information on your project, we send you a detailed brief with the main questions. Based on the brief, we formulate goals, distribute tasks and determine KPI. We define the most relevant marketing tools to your request.


Filling content

Targeted social media include useful and relevant content, attractive design, and a clear USP. At this stage, we shape and enhance your image and tone of voice. We focus on the interests of the audience, attract loyal followers, and improve brand confidence.


SMM promotion

We start to promote posts, develop social networks, and group administration, and improve communications between the company and the audience. We launch target social media, analyze and optimize it. We promote Instagram, set up an advertisement on Facebook, and advertise on LinkedIn. We work with negativity, and reviews, and conduct a dialogue with your potential customers.


Maintaining and reporting

We prepare reports based on all activities on social networks. We are engaged in the full maintenance of your accounts according to the chosen strategy.

We answer the most common questions


How can social media help my business?

Social networks connect billions of people. It is an amount that cannot fit in the limited space of the office. But you can put it in a small application on your phone. Imagine being able to interact with thousands of people without leaving your home. And turn this audience into your customers. UWP Digital will help you with this.

How effective is advertising on social media?

We carefully approach the stage of analysis and segmentation of the target audience. It helps not only reach the right customers but also reduces the advertising budget. The effectiveness of an advertising campaign can be measured by increasing reach, subscribers, and the number of targeted applications.

How much do SMM promotion services cost?

Social media price is measured based on the scope of work and the company’s goals. We calculate the cost of an advertising campaign individually for each client and provide data openly.

Do I need social media if I have a website?

Social networks enable customers to be closer to the company, and companies to be more real to their customers. Active social media use contributes to the growth of brand awareness and the creation of an emotional connection between the customer and the company.

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