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SushiZoom: food delivery app promotion

How we increased the number of orders up to 2 times with mobile promotion.

more downloads
reduce cost per download
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The goal:

Promotion Mobile App


  • 1.

    Google Ads

  • 2.

    Facebook Ads

  • 3.

    Content marketing


  • 1.

    Increase the number of downloads of the SushiZoom application

  • 2.

    Reduce the cost of the order after installation

  • 3.

    Increase the number of regular customers

  • 4.

    Increase the number of direct sales


more downloads


reduce cost per download


more customer base


more orders

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How we did it

SushiZoom is a sushi delivery app that works in more than 70 cities in Ukraine. The main emphasis of the company is a user-friendly application interface, fast delivery, and special offers in the evening.

Since the application was already at the stage of active use, we revised the promotion strategy and conducted a marketing analysis.

To increase the number of downloads, we launched a series of advertising campaigns on different platforms. We also worked out the objections of the target audience of the application.

Among the main problems of working with the target audience, we singled out work with new users who have not placed an order to the end or make orders less than once a month. Another important task was to increase the loyalty of existing users.

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The stage of registration of new users cannot be uncontrolled, as people are distracted, forget, or lose their attention with competitors advertising, etc. UWP Digital made this process manageable and increased the conversion of registrations to first orders by 30%. How? Thanks to a trigger that was sent to those who had verified their phone number but had not made a single order in the last 30 days. For regular users, we added personalized offers and provided discounts to keep them motivated to stay with the company.

We also launched a series of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and started promotion in AppNext. AppNext has allowed expanding advertising in applications, as well as on mobile devices.

On Facebook, we searched for users based on direct and indirect interests. For the test, we launched three formats in the feed: a static creative, a carousel, and an animated ad. Stories and Reels were moved into separate campaigns. We wanted to test all formats in order not to miss the most converting one.

We also launched ads for the iOS app. We divided campaigns by geolocation, using only those segments that showed good results. Used local targeting and time special offers. For example, the most profitable offers were shown between 19:00 and 22:00. The formats we used were a carousel, a static creative, and stories.

An integrated approach to mobile promotion and working with the target audience made it possible to reduce the cost of downloading by increasing the number of app downloads.

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