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Coffee shop: the power of branding

How to gain customer recognition in a highly competitive niche through branding.

increase in social media rankings
number of new reviews
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The goal:

Build a distinctive brand to attract offline visitors.


  • 1.

    Graphic design

  • 2.

    Content marketing

  • 3.



  • 1.

    Brandbook creation

  • 2.

    Development of a unique selling proposition

  • 3.

    Increasing the number of customers


increase in sales

increase in social media rankings
number of new reviews
Picture coffee shop banner 2

How we did it

A brand is a complex structure that needs to be considered comprehensively. Only when you have a quality product, good service, convenient location, and idea — it works for the brand. It helps the visitor to get a holistic impression.

1900 — a coffee shop, which is located right in the arch of an old house built in 1900. This feature influenced the appearance of such an unusual name. We decided to play with this name and make it a memorable brand feature.

Since coffee houses are a highly competitive niche, it was significant to make the brand enjoyable and unique for customers. Thanks to the location, we managed to build an association with customers with an old atmosphere, modern design, and delicious coffee.

Picture coffee shop banner 3

We were looking for a color that could look brighter than the main market players use and at the same time talked about energy power. We settled on yellow, associated with crispy pastries. In addition, we chose accent black, which also added contrast and depth. The service of the coffee house is not limited to drinks but is completed by pastries, desserts, and main dishes. Thanks to this, we were able to reach a larger target audience and not focus only on coffee lovers.

UWP Digital created a logo, corporate colors, tone of voice, and layouts for branded cups and menus as part of the client’s request.

We did not stop at the visual and went further. We developed a content strategy to draw attention to the new style of the coffee house. Facebook and Instagram were the main social platforms for getting the audience acquainted with the brand. Through posts and stories, we gradually introduced customers to the history of the establishment, concept, philosophy, and services.

A brand is not only a bright visual. It is a strong emotional connection of the company with its audience.

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