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How to choose a digital agency?

Digital marketing
3 min to read 13 february 2023
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This article will define what services a digital marketing agency provides, what to look for when choosing a digital partner, and how to avoid a negative collaboration experience.

A digital agency, or a digital marketing agency, is a company that promotes business, goods, and services in the online space. The main tasks of the agency: are data collection and analytics, user experience, design, creative services, promo, and advertising. In addition to digital, there are other types of advertising, creative and media agencies.

How not to get lost in this jungle and find the one?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to their specialization. Creative agencies develop advertising concepts but do not implement them. Advertising agencies work with the distribution of advertising through print media, radio, and television. Media agencies convey information to the target audience through media platforms (the same social networks).

Digital agencies provide a full range of online promotion services:

  • market analysis and development of a digital strategy;

  • branding;

  • UX/UI design;

  • development of websites and mobile applications;

  • SEO;

  • SMM;

  • content marketing;

  • advertising in social networks;

  • contextual advertising;

  • native advertising;

  • crowd marketing;

  • e-mail marketing;

  • promotion of mobile applications (ASO);

  • audio and video advertising on Youtube;

  • media work;

  • reputation management (SERM)

The first step in finding a digital agency is to define the goal: increasing awareness, bringing the site to the top of the search, increasing sales, finding and attracting new customers, and increasing loyalty. The type of cooperation you are looking for depends on your goal: long-term cooperation or one-time services.

How to choose the right digital agency for your business?


A survey among colleagues and friends.

What do you trust more, a friend’s review or a written memoir on the company’s website? Most likely, you will listen to a person whom you know. Networking is still the best channel for finding contractors.


Web search and analysis of a website.

Should I pay attention to ratings on the Internet? For example, the list of Top 100 best marketing agencies can have hundreds of options, depending on the author. But even if you choose companies from a Google search, pay attention to the details. First of all, analyze the functionality, convenience, and visuals of the site. Are there portfolios/cases? The official website is not only a business card but also a possible result that you will receive.



People love numbers and customers do too. Ideally, a company case will show you the Before/After of working together. Pay attention to those examples that are relevant to your niche.


Customer reviews.

In addition to dry statistics in cases, you need to hear the impression of a real customer from cooperation.


Accounts in social networks.

Digital agency, as we already know, is engaged in the promotion of business in the online space. How does it promote itself? Is it active and regular on social media? All these details indicate the expertise of the company.

Possible risks when choosing a digital marketing agency

To avoid a negative experience of cooperation with any marketing agency, pay attention to questionable characteristics:


100% result guarantee.

The result depends on both sides: the established processes in the customer’s firm, and the work of the agency.


The company says more about itself than about its customers.

You are much more interested in what you will get as a result of cooperation than another prize from an unknown competition.


Too low price tag.

A digital agency cannot have 100 years of experience in the market, because this is a relatively new niche. However, a low price tag may indicate that the company is a newcomer with little experience. If the agency does not have an established staff, it turns to freelancers from the outside. Stuff turnover cannot guarantee a stable result, especially with long-term cooperation.

Choose a digital agency as your business partner. After all, it is an investment in your success!

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