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Advertising for business

Digital marketing
3 min to read 27 march 2023
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In this article, we’ll talk about advertising from a business and consumer perspective, as well as the types of advertising in the digital world.

The best advertisement is satisfied customers! Familiar?

In a world of social media, brand diversity, and the fast pace of life, you’re competing for consumer attention. Analyze how many competitors are in your niche. How many are there around the world?

Why does a business need advertising?

Advertising helps to stand out among all this flow. At the same time, you are unlimited in the tools of self-expression. Full freedom.

Digital advertising replaced paper catalogs and subway ads. Today, people look for products using search engines, follow their favorite brands on social media, and subscribe to email updates.

How does advertising work from a consumer’s point of view?

A person has a request for a product. For example, sneakers. First of all, he will check the offers on the market. Looks at the assortment — what models, brands, price? Then he compares the characteristics: convenience, quality, color, etc. After this, he will make his choice.

He can check the assortment in his city. Or, more likely, go online. Now it’s time for the miracles of advertising. Out of the thousands of proposed sneaker options, he will choose yours.

The trick is that ads are human-oriented. It understands how people think and what they want. And gives it to them. Or rather, you give.

What types of advertising for business does the Internet offer?

Contextual advertising. You see it every time in the Google search bar. It is a paid tool that brings your site to the top of the search results and places it above the organic listing. Contextual advertising responds to keywords. For example, a person who wants to purchase a lamp will first see photos of lamps of different categories and prices. Next is a list of sites that use contextual text advertising, and after the organic search list.

Advertising in social networks. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube keep the attention of billions of their users. Social platforms are a huge mouthpiece that can speak about your business. People learn about you by watching funny videos, photos of friends, and news feeds. At the same time, advertising organically merges into familiar content.

Video advertising is a small commercial for goods or services. It is an expensive form of advertising, but one of the most effective. Visual and sound perception contributes to the fact that the video is easy to remember. And if it hits the target audience, it can go viral.

Display advertising is a controversial tool in digital marketing. You can see it on any site. It can pop up or settle in the empty spaces of the website. A significant disadvantage: it is easy to avoid with an ad blocker, and people react to it less and less.

Native advertising is used in useful or entertaining content as a recommendation. It does not call you to buy directly. It gently talks about the benefits and values of the product within the general context. Thus, the customer does not feel advertising pressure when making a purchase decision.

Email advertising can be compared to flyers on the street. But this time, the advertisement catches up with you in the mail. The basic idea of email marketing is to drive traffic to a website by mixing promotions with valuable non-sales content.

The value of advertising is that it helps to find out about you to people, regardless of location. Advertising catches attention, holds interest, and even makes people fall in love with the brand. What do you associate Coca-Cola with? A New Year’s commercial and slogan: Taste the feeling? It is an advertising effect. And it is available to you.

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